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Janeth Aparicio Vazquez (Los Angeles, CA) is a first-generation Chicana artist and historian as curandera of Mixtec descent. Her work spans ink and graphite drawing, mural-making, and mixed-media installation. Aparicio uses this range of materials to create tender offerings to her communities: past, present, and future. She is interested in creating a personal cartography in conversation with the histories of South Central, Los Angeles, and Mexico. With these 'medicinal' histories Aparicio-Vazquez seeks to, in the words of scholar Aurora Levins Morales, "re-establish the connections between peoples and their histories, to reveal the mechanisms of power, the steps by which their current condition of oppression was achieved... but also to reveal the multiplicity, creativity, and persistence of resistance among the oppressed." She holds a BA in studio art and art history from Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA.

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